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The typical IQ Demonstration takes approximately 90 minutes based on the needed functionality and process questions of the customer.  As that is an investment for both you, the customer, and our demonstrators, we offer the following high-level demonstration to allow you to see a basic version of IQ in action to help you see general functionality at your convenience.

We have broken the demonstration up into 9 basic steps to help you ‘jump’ to the desired topic.

Once you have watched these and determined you would like a deeper look at the system, please use the Contact form on this website to submit your request.


Different browsers present video files in different ways.  You are likely to have the best experience by doing the following:

A) Click on the Page Bar on the Left to access the Video

B) Click on the Full Screen icon on the Bottom Bar of the Video

C) When you are finished watching the Video, use “ESC” to get back to the Demo Page