Dealership Workflow

Your Dealership is comprised of many departments that need to communicate seamlessly. IQ supports each department’s needs while sharing critical information that improves efficiency. View Larger Image

Installer Workflow

Your Installation Firm is comprised of many departments that need to communicate seamlessly. IQ supports each department’s needs while sharing critical information that improves efficiency. View Larger Image


Sales are key to every company.  Without sales, there’s no revenue.  So your sales people need quick access to all customer information and the ability to respond faster than the competition. IQ provides a centralized customer database that is accessible by all company employees.  These company records manage multiple addresses and contacts for a single customer, as well as peripheral information such as historical actions and customer specific documents.  Each customer has dashboard that scans your entire database providing a quick yet detailed look into their current activity.  This customizable screen provides access to all historical information as well as active customer records such as orders, projects and issues.

Opportunities offer both simple and comprehensive forecasts.  These opportunities have a probability providing consistent reporting across the team eliminating the need to constantly update forecasts.

Having all this information in IQ allows Executives to run aggregate reports on all sales opportunities or detailed reports on specific manufacturer product lines to make sure your keeping up with manufacturer goals.  Once an opportunity needs a proposal, a single click creates a base proposal from that opportunity eliminating the rekeying of common information.  From there, all departments involved can contribute to the proposal eliminating the need for the sales person to work alone. So if your sales department needs a simple but powerful sales forecasting tool, IQ has the technology to fit.


Your company depends on their design Department to provide accurate information with little turnaround time.  All of this while keeping an eye on productivity, time sheets and document tracking. IQ creates efficiencies by providing design apartments with easy access to all open design orders which can be organized by primary designer and can appear on their individual Dashboard as soon as it is assigned.  A simple report provides the total estimated hours of work assigned to each designer.  When a new order is needed, IQ order templates help you create them in a matter of seconds automatically populating them with any level of detail they need including customers and contacts, relevant forms and customer specific pricing.

When designers access their individual timesheets IQ speeds up the time entry by automatically providing the orders the designers working on, all along, updating the orders’ job costing and creating a formal timesheet for payroll.

Because tracking down documents can be time-consuming, IQ provides central access to documents within their respective projects.  Even more convenient, documents related to the current record are automatically brought to you and presented in a consistent folder structure, eliminating the burden of searching for documents.

And for advanced users, check-in check-out revision control and historical access is available for all documents in the system, allowing you to obtain a historical revision no matter how old.


Your operations department is constantly on the front line and your customers’ opinion of them is their opinion of your company.  So it’s important for operations to know the who, what, where, and when of every work order to meet customer expectations.  IQ supports this need by providing a centralized list of all open orders giving you a quick access to the records and the detailed information they contain.

IQ supports a variety of ways to construct these work orders.  The simplest task orders can take as little as 30 seconds.  But for companies that desire more details, an industry-specific services template offers detailed scope-of-work questions and answers to help your estimators build quotes that account for time-impacting factors such as ‘street vs dock unloading’ to ‘long pushes’ or even having ‘other trades in the space’.

Whether simple or complicated, IQ estimates have all the details required to support solid scheduling and time collection resulting in effortless Job Costing.  And if your labor is sold on a T&M or not-to-exceed basis, the system natively reads employee time sheets to know exactly what to invoice the customer.

While most systems require individual time sheet entry, IQ also offers order-level crew time entry where scheduled people are automatically added to the orders and their collective time entry is accomplished through a simple team punch clock on the Job Lead’s smart phone; and we even collect their GPS location to make sure you know where your teams are at each day.  As time is entered into the system, IQ updates the order’s job costing providing the management team with real-time information.

These features, combined with scheduling, issue tracking, and project management tools provide Operations Departments with an end-to-end solution.


Managing your Human Resources through scheduling can be the difference between profit and loss. Gathering the details of what needs to be done, when it’s requested, and who has the skill and capacity to work can be daunting.  So IQ provides this information through a simple, seamless scheduling module inside your work orders.

The first part of scheduling is reviewing your availability. IQ’s capacity overview shows employee availability for your entire company organized by critical skill, schedule class, and service area.  Available man hours are provided for each day helping you know if you can commit to your customers requested dates.

A centralized work order screen tells you which job needs scheduling. IQ provides one-click access to the order scheduling screen where estimated hours are displayed along with the listing of skilled staff qualified to perform the job.  Once the schedule is complete, the work order displays the schedule detailing roster on the field work order simplifying the crew leader’s job in preparing him for time collection.

Every scheduler knows that schedules change constantly, so to minimize the frustration IQ offers the ability to do scheduling which updates the capacity overview even for those specific employees who haven’t been assigned.  And once you’ve established your schedule, soft or firm, IQ provides a wide variety of schedule adjusting options for all those last-minute changes.  And with the addition of our Schedule Dispatch Texting Feature, even last minute changes are quickly and automatically issued to the affected employees.

This integrated scheduling system will take your company communication to a new level, eliminating the spreadsheets and white boards while providing open access to all your scheduling information.

Project Management

Your project managers need to know the details and status of project related orders, tasks, and issues at all times.  Seeing the big picture is paramount and up-to-date reports and Gantt charts are often needed to do so. IQ projects have all the standard Gantt Chart definition you would expect from lags to constraints to dependencies. You’ll be able to define and track your project information needs and email updated Gantt Charts to your team and customer directly from within the project.

Project-Order Association allows the work being performed by various departments and vendors to be aggregated to a single point. This allows tasks within those orders to become tasks on the master project Gantt Chart. In turn, these order tasks inherit their employee schedules for real-time accuracy.

Tracking issues is crucial as they often determine the attitude of the customer.  And the timeliness of addressing them can influence when your company gets paid. IQ provides a centralized place to track all issue-related information including an on-the-fly cut and paste checklist generator for random lists, and custom forms that gather specific information required by your company or manufacturers.  All reference documents, such as pictures, can be stored within the issue record improving communications at all levels of the company.

At the end of the day, every project manager needs to know the financial health of their projects.  IQ gathers and presents this information by summarizing the current conditions of all associated orders and change orders so the project manager can see real-time data and make educated decisions.  Being able to see this information is both critical and invaluable to your company.


Your administration department needs to be accurate when performing their time entry and invoicing duties, and can spend unnecessary time gathering information from other departments. While most systems require individual timesheet entry, IQ also offers order-level crew time entry where scheduled people are automatically added to the orders’ time entry screen and all individual time is entered at once.

IQ has a number of complementary invoicing methods. It can export a batch of invoices for completed orders with a single click.  It also supports deposit invoices and progress billing for larger projects or those with extended time frames.  Once created, invoices can be sent to the customer straight from IQ or exported to QuickBooks, putting the invoicing control in the hands of your accounting department.

Regardless of your process, IQ is designed to make administrators accurate and efficient.

Executive Team

The executive team needs to keep an eye on the health of your company which includes everything from what’s happening with high-profile customers to the productivity of your employees.  IQ’s customer dashboard scans your entire database providing a quick yet detailed look into each customer’s current activity.  This customizable screen provides access to all historical information as well as one-click access to view all customer records such as projects, orders and issues.

IQ opportunities allows your salespeople to build both simple one-line forecasts or comprehensive multiple product line sales forecasts. These opportunities have statuses and probabilities that are tailored to your team’s culture, providing consistent ad hoc reporting across the team.  And with all information in one database, management can run reports at will, eliminating the need for salespeople to constantly scramble to update their forecast the day before the sales meeting.  And since the level of detail captured can be at the product line level, IQ allows management to run detailed, manufacturer- specific reports without disclosing other products that may be anticipated.

Being able to measure how well your service team performs is vital for job costing. IQ evaluates the hours your team estimated for each job and then compares them to the hours booked from your employees’ time sheets. After weighing in any additional expenses, IQ provides a clear picture of your team’s efforts on individual work orders, or their efficiency on a periodic basis across multiple orders.

Since labor is the single highest expense for any service company it’s important to know the percentage of billable hours and productivity for individuals and departments. IQ’s Labor Recovery report provides this information instantly by comparing each employee’s required work schedule and paid time off to their billable and productive hours, providing Executives with the information needed to determine proper Staffing levels.

IQ’s unified business system promotes the enforcement of business rules and culture, bringing every departments’ data into a single system providing management with the data needed to make fact-based business decisions.

Installers and Field Staff

Your installers and on-site staff may be out of the office but they have vital Information to contribute to the administration of their work.  So IQ supports real-time access to work orders using a standard smartphone browser.

IQ starts by providing your designated field employees with a simple secure login screen.  IQ then displays all the employee’s open orders allowing them to book time directly onto their own time sheets or for the entire crew using a Crew Punch Clock.  The Punch Clock function conveniently places the name of each scheduled employee on the screen avoiding a manual search, but adding unscheduled employees at the last minute is simple as well.  As soon as they save, their hours immediately post to each individual’s time sheet as well as the order itself, updating the order’s job costing.

Many other features are available as well from Daily Progress Reports to Punch List Issues, to capturing Customer Signatures on completed orders.

IQ’s support of field staff provides the office with real time updates helping to connect your entire company from the inside out.