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For installers & dealers
who want to be more profitable.

Tim Wilson

IQ Customer

Office Furniture

Grow Your Business with IQ

IQ is an end-to-end business system that centralizes the workflow and communications of Office Furniture Installers and Office Furniture Dealers. You customize from the list of IQ Features below to build a custom system that helps you accomplish your business goals and grow your business.

IQ Features


  • Labor Estimation

  • Proposals/Quotes 

  • Work Orders

  • Expenses

  • Project Profitability


  • Sales Forecasts

  • Product Proposals

  • Vendor POs

  • Acknowledgements

  • Order Inventory


  • Work Orders

  • Receiving 

  • Scheduling

  • Daily Progress

  • Time Sheets


  • Invoicing

  • QBO Integration

  • Dashboards

  • Documents

  • Ad-Hoc Reporting

Is Your Profitability Effected By...

Lack of Good Reporting and
Job Costing?
Unexpected Expenses that Lower Your Profits?
Internal Business  Processes?
Employees that Lack Incentive
and Motivation?
Your Customers Expecting Better Technology?
Delayed or Completely Uninvoiced Jobs?

IQ will help you eliminate ALL of these problems,
and become more profitable.

How to Get IQ


Tell us your goals and we'll show you how IQ can help your business achieve success.


Our experts will work with you to create a solution that helps you reach your goals.


We will implement IQ and train your staff to help them accomplish your profitability goals.

Growing Your Office

Furniture Business

is Hard.

Here's How We Help

You Grow Profitably.

To be successful, you need your Office Furniture business to grow profitably. But your responsibilities can be overwhelming.


We believe no one should be overwhelmed running an Office Furniture business. That's why we consult with companies to streamline their business process, support that process through IQ, and help them become more profitable. Here's how it works...


You schedule a call to discuss your goals with us, and we show you a

Best Practice Business Process.  Upon approval, we create a plan to streamline your business processes with IQ, collect your company-specific data, and implement that process with your whole company so you can profitably grow your business.


So, book a demo to stop feeling overwhelmed and start growing your business with IQ today.

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"Before IQ, I was looking to support growth by adding staff.  But with IQ, we have grown without hiring because everyone is more productive."

Tony Schmalz, President & Owner of T&M Services

IQ Consultants have the skills and industry experience to understand your challenges and help create profitable solutions.

Every feature you need to profitability run your Office Furniture business.

  • Clear monthly subscription pricing

  • Only pay for what you choose 

  • Cancel anytime

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